Mission Statement

The mission of Ecole Burton Ettinger School is to provide each student with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to personally excel, by fostering a caring, innovative learning environment while maximizing resources and shared community partnerships.


École Burton Ettinger Elementary School consists of two original buildings which were linked in 1985. The first building was constructed in 1951, and a second separate building was constructed in 1960. The area was then part of Halifax County, and the school was named Central Armdale School. The school was renamed Burton Ettinger School when Fairview amalgamated with Halifax in 1969. Burton Ettinger was a former custodian, well known and loved by students, staff and the school community. The buildings were renovated and joined by a two storey breezeway in 1985-68. A new gymnasium, elevator, library and office area were added.

In 1981, École Burton Ettinger Elementary School become a dual track English and French Immersion facility, with students in the French Immersion Program coming by bus from areas between Birch Cove and Williams Lake. Now, most students live within the school neighbourhood and do not require bus transportation.